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  3. Wednesday, January 29 2014, 06:36 AM
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Bangladeshi young are talent , energetic, industrious and yes they are also reliable and trust worthy. Freelance Marketplace specially for Bangladeshi Freelancer with an efficient training system to enrich their skills and professionalism can brings a new golden opportunity for both Bangladeshi Freelancer and Online Business Owner.


Now online presence for every business is must. So we can say, Every business has directly or indirectly online presence  and they get benefit from online marketing including social media marketing.


What Bangladeshi Freelance can do?


We can provide software enabled service or IT enabled service, and service for time consuming and tedious job. We can work as Web master, Virtual assistant, Online Marketing assistant, Adword/PPC Campaign manager, copywriter, web designer , web developer, Web content Manager.



Ready Provider Network is dedicated to provide a platform to work together with the business owner for all Bangladeshi young talent freelancer.

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